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5 Reasons to Start Your New Fitness Routine Before New Years

If you already know one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get in shape, then why wait until the holidays are over to get started? You could be getting used to your new routine now while everyone else is procrastinating, and then you’ll already have a head start when the new year comes around. If you need more convincing, here are a few reasons why we suggest starting your new fitness routine now rather than later!


Minimize Holiday Weight Gain

We all dread the extra pounds that seem to show up during the autumn and winter seasons, but if you’re proactive about your fitness goals, you can minimize your holiday weight gain before it happens and start off in a much better place for your New Year’s resolutions. Plus, any progress you’re able to make during the holiday season will only help instill greater confidence as you tackle your fitness goals moving forward into the new year.

Getting started earlier rather than later can help you combat many of the unhealthy temptations of the holidays, and it might even help you make smarter health-related decisions as you’re confronted with platters of food and decadent desserts. Adding exercise into your health and fitness routine to start building muscle can help improve your metabolism and help you burn more calories. This means it won’t throw off your goals as easily if you do indulge in a few holiday treats.


Avoid Procrastination

One of the biggest challenges you have to overcome in order to reach your health and fitness goals is procrastination. Waiting until January to get started on your fitness routine is the very definition of procrastination, and it’s not going to help you get closer to your goals. While you may think things will magically fall into place come January just because it’s a new year, that isn’t usually the case. People often continue to put things off after the holidays because they’ve gotten into the habit of saying they’ll start tomorrow or the next day.

So, getting started on your new fitness routine before New Year’s is a great way to start training yourself to actually build healthy habits and get the job done. As you get used to your new fitness routine, it will become easier for you to maintain these healthy habits and, overall, a healthier lifestyle that you can stick with forever.  


Get a Head Start on Your Goals

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of getting started on your health and fitness resolutions now is the ability to get a head start on reaching your goals. Maintaining a whole new lifestyle after the new year is going to be difficult, and it takes time for those changes to stick once you start to implement them. Working on this process of changing up your lifestyle ahead of the new year can help you establish healthier habits earlier on. This means when January finally rolls around, you won’t be jumping into everything all at once, and you’ll already have a good head start on some of the changes you’re hoping to make in the new year.


Fight the Winter Blues

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is common around this time of year, and it can cause you to experience what’s often called the “winter blues.” This shift in your mood can be very unpleasant at times, especially when the excitement of the holidays fades and we begin working on our new year’s resolutions. Luckily, starting a new fitness routine early can help you combat seasonal affective disorder, as working out regularly can help flood your brain with mood-boosting endorphins. This will allow you to get a head start on your goals with some feel-good workouts, so you can enter the winter season with a more positive attitude about the new changes you’re making to help you reach your goals in 2021.


If you’re ready to kickstart your new fitness routine and get started on your resolutions before the new year, then follow the link below to claim your FREE Introductory Workout at a local 9Round studio near you. We can’t wait to help you work towards your health and fitness resolutions with our KILLER 30-minute workouts!

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