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Fitness that Empowers


What person doesn’t want to walk out their door each morning feeling empowered, confident, and ready to tackle the day? Exercise has more benefits than just weight loss, it is a powerful tool for self-improvement. Even the smallest amount of exercise can produce a lasting endorphin buzz that can power you through a hectic morning with the kids, an important meeting, a mind-bending project, and even the most over-scheduled Monday mornings.

Here are just a few of our favorite ways that we’ve seen fitness empower people:

  1. A healthier body & mind
    While most people work out to lose weight or maintain, that’s really just a great side effect. With a boost in your confidence, endorphins, and inspiration, you’ll also get the added benefit of a healthy body, and that makes everything in life better…now and down the road.
  2. Endorphins for a good mood
    You’ve heard it before, “you’ll never regret a workout” and mostly because you come away in a much better mood than when you started. Being high on endorphins means productivity, creativity, and positivity. You cannot buy that in a pill or drink it from any bottle.
  3. Accomplishing new goals
    You can work every day and accomplish your daily life tasks, but without bigger goals in mind, it’s hard to feel truly fulfilled. Fitness goals are some of the most empowering you can make—whether it’s running a 10k, beating your time, completing a pull-up or learning something new. You’ll be amazed at how awesome it makes you feel!
  4. Feeling invincible
    Speaking of accomplishing those goals: You’ll feel invincible and full of confidence. Want to feel proud of yourself? This is one surefire way to do so—and that confidence transfers into every area of your life. If you just reached a major fitness milestone, there’s no way you’ll walk into a board room with your shoulders slumped.

At 9Round, we witness people experiencing the above, and more, each and every day. Hardworking and dedicated 9Round trainers empower people to meet their goals, lead healthy lifestyles, and improve their overall wellbeing through fitness. Nine rounds at a time, we’re helping people feel empowered to live their best life. What empowers you?