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Have Your Break and Eat Lunch, Too


We can hear all of you lunch break workout skeptics already, “Do you skip lunch?” “Does your boss care?” And the question at the top of everyone’s mind, “Don’t you get all sweaty?”  The short answers: No way, not particularly, and yes, but it’s manageable. The benefits of a lunch break sweat session far outweigh the perceived negatives. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Here are a few tips for getting your exercise on at lunch:

There may be days when you get pulled into a last-minute meeting and find yourself slamming a protein shake at your desk and calling it lunch. Then there are the days when you happily find yourself with time for an actual lunch break and you want to be prepared. Pack a bag to keep in your car (or at your desk) so that you’re always prepared for a lunch time workout. You’ll want workout clothes (obviously), as well as everything you need for a quick post-workout refresh.

Two words: dry shampoo. This modern-day miracle product is your new best friend for lunch break workouts (and mornings when you get up late, and basically every day as a parent, ever.) Be sure to toss it in your bag for the gym, apply to your roots and brush through for a fresh mane after working out. Baby wipes, a small towel, and facial wipes are other items that come in handy when you need to freshen up fast without showering.

When you’re trying to fit exercise in over your lunch break, you need to choose your workout wisely. An hour in the yoga studio or a fitness class with set class times probably aren’t going to work when you’re working with a limited window of time and you’re not always guaranteed to leave your desk on-time. Instead, plan to sweat it out at your local 9Round. You get a full-body workout in just 30 minutes and you don’t have to worry about making it “on-time” for a class, a new session starts every three minutes!

Whatever you do, do NOT skip lunch. Not only do you need energy to fuel your workout and get you through the rest of your day, if you’re like us, you just really like food! Once again, preparedness is key. If you didn’t already know, we’re big advocates of meal prep (get some tips here.) Pack your lunch when you’re packing your gym bag the night before so that you can grab it and go in the morning. Pack a healthy pre-workout snack to enjoy at your desk, and a protein-packed lunch to help you recover from your workout and fuel your mind and body for the rest of your workday.

If you still need convincing, consider all of the ways that a lunch break sweat sesh can improve your life.

FACT: Exercise reduces stress, which has endless benefits at both work and home. A 30-minute workout might help you cope with difficult coworkers, be more creative, and give you the energy and focus you need to tackle a heavy workload.

FACT: Sitting all day is linked to an increase in undesirable health conditions, such as Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. If you ask us, that’s more than enough reason to get up and get moving. 

Working out at lunch may be just the boost that you need to power through that afternoon slump without the help of another cup of coffee, or turning to the vending machine for a less than healthy afternoon pick-me-up. If you’ve never experienced the joy and elation that comes from getting a full-body workout in just 30 minutes, it’s time to get to 9Round. Find your nearest location and try your first workout for FREE!