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New Year, Unstoppable You

Written by Jen Jones, 31/12/2017

If possession is nine tenths of the law, then attitude is nine tenths of the battle when it comes to tackling your New Year’s resolutions – and anything else life throws your way! If you want to be UNSTOPPABLE, a force to be reckoned with, whether it’s in the gym, in your place of work, at school, or otherwise, having the right attitude is essential. Think of someone that you would characterize as being unstoppable. We’re willing to bet that one of the first things you would note about them is an amazing attitude!

But we said that attitude is nine tenths of the battle, so what is the other tenth? A combination of all of these things below. If you plan to be unstoppable in the coming year, keep reading for nine tips to help get you there!  


1. Act first

Ask permission later. Rather than analyzing and thinking, just act. Trust your senses, and trust in yourself to do what you instinctively feel you should. Oprah Winfrey nailed it when she said, "Every right decision I have ever made has come from my gut. Every wrong decision I've made was the result of me not listening to the greater voice of myself." Being unstoppable requires you to be bold, confident, and act on your gut instincts.


2. Never be satisfied

Even after you achieve a goal, you're not content to sit back and watch life go by. In fact, it's not as much about the goal as it is about the climb to see how far you can push yourself. In order to be unstoppable, you must have a drive that never ceases. You must never become complacent, or lazy.


3. You do you

One study showed that 70 percent of U.S. employees hate their jobs and only one in three Americans report being happy. Relentless and unstoppable people purge everything from their life they hate.

Have the self-respect and confidence to live life on your terms. When something isn't right in your life, change it!


4. Don’t fear failure

Most people stay close to the ground where it's safe. If they fall, it won't hurt too much. But when you choose to fly high, the fall may kill you. You have to be okay with that. There are lessons to be learned and motivation to be found in failure. If something goes wrong  - if you "fail" - you adjust and keep going.


5. Love to learn

Ordinary people seek entertainment. Unstoppable people seek education and learning. When you want to become the best at what you do, you never stop learning. You never stop improving and honing your skills and knowledge. Your unparalleled preparation is what gives you power.


6. Mental strength matters

Just like people aren't born with physical strength, no one is blessed with incredible mental strength at birth, either. Mental strength is developed over time by individuals who choose to make it a priority. IF you plan to be unstoppable, you will need to be mentally tough. We think Gandhi said it best, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”


7. Be confident

You've heard it before: Running a marathon is far more mental than physical. A person's ability to run a marathon, or do anything hard, is more a reflection of his or her level of confidence than actual ability.

Your confidence level determines the size of challenges or goals you undertake, your likelihood of achieving those goals, and even how well you bounce back from failures. When you're confident, you don't care how many times you fail, you ARE going to succeed.



According to loads of psychology research, the most motivating goals are clearly defined and time-bound. Your goals can either be focused on your behaviors (e.g., I’m going to eat healthy all week) or on the outcomes you're seeking (e.g., I'm going to lose 10 pounds before my brother’s wedding). Learn more about goal setting and making it work to your advantage here.


9. All the Rs

"Wherever you are, make sure you're there."  -- Dan SullivanResults, rest, recovery. When you focus on results, rather than being busy, you're 100 percent on when you're working on the task at hand, and 100 percent off when you're not. This not only allows you to be present in the moment, but it allows you the needed time to rest and recover.


When you're unstoppable, you will make sure to get what you want. Everything you need to know is already within you. All you need to do is trust yourself and act. With a great attitude, mental fortitude, and sheer determination, you are UNSTOPPABLE!