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Protein Powder: It's Not Just for Bodybuilders

Protein Powder: It's Not Just for Bodybuilders

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times, “I’m not trying to bulk up, why would I use protein powder?” If you're a fitness fanatic like we are, you probably already know all about the benefits of protein. But if you aren't, here you go: protein helps you build muscle, which not only makes you look toned, but also boosts your metabolism which can help you slim down (if you're into that sort of thing).

In one fell scoop (see what we did there?), protein powder is a quick and easy way to increase your protein intake, help with muscle recovery, boost your energy, and more. Sounds pretty good, right? But we don’t blame you if you’d like to know a little more before you start shaking your whey (get it?) to a leaner, healthier you. Read on for the skinny on protein powder and some bonus recipes for our favorite ways to get your protein. SPOILER ALERT: Not all of them are shakes!

The Skinny on Protein Powder
Whey, casein and milk-based protein powders – like the new 9Round Protein, which is made using grass-fed whey – are essentially the best parts of milk, with carbohydrates and most of the fats removed. This allows you to increase your protein intake without vastly increasing your intake of other macronutrients, which can help to boost athletic performance, improve muscle tone and increase overall health.

When Should I Use Protein Powder?
Choosing the correct time to take your protein can affect the benefits it has on you and your body. You’ll benefit most when using protein powder as a supplement to a healthy, balanced diet and as part of a regular workout routine. Here are a few key times to put protein powder to work for your body based on your goals and schedule:

First thing in the morning: Because so many people are ‘too busy’ to make breakfast and we all know how essential breakfast is for healthy weight loss and a healthy metabolism, many people opt for the easiest thing: a protein shake first thing in the morning.  This is the perfect way to get essential nutrients after eight hours of sleep, instead of leaving the house empty. For those who have a hard time feeling like ‘eating’ anything in the morning, they find a shake to be the easiest on their digestive system. There are also a number of great ways you can use protein powder besides shakes, including in recipes for protein pancakes and even healthy brownies.

Before a workout: People who work out, especially weight lifters, aim never to work out on a completely empty stomach before their first rep to create an 'anabolic window', which lowers the damage to your muscles as you train. If you're taking a shake and including carbs (like a banana), it will give you extra energy and further reduce exposure to muscle damage. If it’s been more than three hours before your last meal, you would want to consume something with a protein base, like a banana protein shake or rice cake and protein about 20 minutes before you start a work out.

Immediately after a workout: When training, the most important time to take protein is immediately following your workout. Your muscles are in a state to soak up the nutrients for muscle recovery and growth. That’s why liquid calories are so useful, and post-workout protein shakes are a staple of people who work out regularly. It’s super convenient to sip on all the way home.

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