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Sweat Out the Stress


Whether you’re a college student prepping for finals or stressing over tax season, we can all agree that life can be a little hectic every once in a while – or all the time. So with National Stress Awareness Day upon us, it’s the right time to think about giving yourself a little TLC! This unofficial holiday is recognized April 16th and we’re here to tell you why it’s important to keep your mental health in check and the best way to avoid sweating the small stuff.

Your mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness – and while it’s easier to focus on being physically fit, mental health should be a priority too. The good news is that aside from the obvious physical benefits, working out has also been proven to be a mood-booster! Even though you won’t be able to show off these changes with a ‘before and after’ picture on Instagram, we can promise that you’ll be able to feel the positive outcomes of focusing on your mental health!

Why exactly is it important to work on our mental health too? Not only can stress put a damper on your day, but oddly enough, stress can also get in the way of your fitness goals. Just like writer’s block is distracting for authors, stress can become a mental obstacle that prevents you from getting the most out of your workout. Don’t let it keep you from becoming the most bada$$ version of yourself!


Fortunately, working out is a great tool to utilize when you’re trying to get control over your stress levels. When we exercise, our brain starts to pump up our endorphins (also called our “feel-good neurotransmitters” by editors at the Mayo Clinic) and people usually refer to this as a “runner’s high”. This doesn’t mean that runners are the only ones that experience this boost of happiness though, this applies to other activities too. From tennis to hiking to HIIT training, as long as you’re really putting your best effort into it, you’ll get that little boost of accomplishment too.

Finding something positive that you enjoy can help you begin to improve your mental health. Let your fitness routine be an outlet for you! If you’re someone that has a busy schedule and it seems like there’s never enough time for exercise, then 9Round might be just the shake-up in your schedule you need. With no class times, you can get the entire 30-minute workout in during your lunch break – and STILL have a few minutes to spare!


Physical activity also acts as a moving version of meditation, but what exactly does that mean? Well, when you’re counting reps and focusing on keeping the right posture, it shifts your focus from your daily stressors. While you’re doing a workout that really requires you to think about what you’re doing, your attention isn’t being pulled in a million different directions like a busy day at work. Concentrating only on your body’s movements may make you feel calm and collected, so you can carry that clear headspace with you even after you leave the gym!


Feeling stressed out can even begin to affect your diet and your sleeping habits, which are both crucial to your health and wellness. Stress can trigger emotional reactions that hinder your ability to get a full night’s rest. When you don’t get enough rest because of those late nights, your motivation to make it to the gym can take a major hit. That’s why our trainers encourage you to push yourself on every round, because winning the round means a win for your lifestyle outside of the gym. You’ll burn out your anxious jitters on the bags, which may help you get a better night’s sleep. Another temptation when we’re anxious is grabbing a snack. Rather than turning to comfort food when you feel like stress eating, opt for a glass of water or a healthy snack, like the 9Round Protein Bar, to prep you for hitting the gym later!

It’s shocking how stress can take over our psyche, but don’t let that intimidate you. The 9Round motto you’ll hear most often is, “Stronger in 30 minutes”. This mission doesn’t just mean physical strength – we want to help members to feel mentally and physically empowered as soon as their very first workout. If you’re feeling the pressure on National Stress Awareness Day, get your stress under control with nine rounds of sweat therapy!