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Your Guide to the "Fight for It" 30-Day Challenge

Gear up, 9Rounders! The Fight for It Challenge is happening from October 1-30, 2022, and we want you to join us to punch and kick your way to your personal best. This 30-day challenge is intended to push you to work out consistently, eat healthy, and give it your all for your personal fitness goals.

9Rounders across the world will be kickin’ it together during this challenge, so you can join our incredible kickboxing fitness community to get in shape and see yourself stronger in just 30 days.

Are you ready to take on the Fight for It Challenge?


How the Challenge Works

Your main goal during the 30-Day Challenge is to complete at least 12 workouts at your local 9Round studio—you can also supplement your in-studio workouts with our 9RoundNOW on-demand fitness app. Three (3) InBody body composition scans are included in the challenge to help you track your progress and see changes in your body’s muscle and fat content. You should complete one scan at the beginning of the challenge, one at the halfway mark, and one at the end to see the physical rewards of your hard work.

Additionally, we give you the nutritional tools you need to compliment your workout routine with our challenge partners, Trifecta (U.S.) and FitMeal (Canada), and 9Round Nutrition. Using our challenge meal delivery partners, you can participate in an optional meal delivery service* to get fresh, macro-balanced meals delivered right to your door. This takes the guesswork out of healthy eating so you can focus on crushing your challenge goals.

9Round Nutrition is also provided through your 9Round Member Portal, which is included with your challenge. There, you’ll find our 9Round Nutrition Guide that helps you understand how to eat healthy and balance your macros for your specific calorie goals, which you can determine by completing your account profile in the online portal. There are also tons of healthy, macro-balanced recipes written by a certified nutritional coach to help you find new, creative meals and snacks to make each week.


Tracking Your Challenge Goals

We want you to succeed during the Fight for It Challenge, so we’ll give you plenty of ways to track your progress. First, with our PULSE heart-rate technology, you will receive an email summary after each in-studio workout and your workouts will be logged in your online Member Portal.

PULSE allows you to see your heart rate and effort level in real-time during every workout. Each heart rate zone is represented by a specific color, and your goal is to spend as much time as possible in the Yellow Zone, which is the optimal fat-burning zone for working out.

Additionally, we want you to be able to see changes happening within your body that may not be easily visible, such as changes in your fat and muscle content. That’s why we’ve included 3 InBody body composition scans for every challenge participant. InBody Technology is the next evolution in BIA and body composition analysis that allows you to track and monitor your progress on a deeper level.


Why 9Round?

9Round is the world’s largest kickboxing fitness brand with studios all around the world in over 20 different countries. We’ve perfected our 30-minute kickboxing workouts to give you the perfect combination of cardio and strength training in a single session, so you don’t have to spend hours at the gym. Plus, there are a NO CLASS TIMES, so you’ll never have to schedule a workout again.

Additionally, a Champion Trainer is always included with every workout to help guide you and motivate you to do your absolute best. 9Round’s circuit system keeps you moving with nine different stations of challenging exercises, with each interval lasting 3 minutes followed by a 30-second active break. Our professionally programmed workouts change daily, and there are always fun kickboxing moves to help you feel like a true champion while you work toward your fitness goals.

Ready to give 9Round a try? Then sign up for the 30-Day Fight for It Challenge to kickstart your fitness transformation. For more information about our workouts or the challenge, please reach out to your local 9Round studio or visit our website to sign up for a free session!

We’re looking forward to kickin’ it with you soon!


*Meal delivery service is an additional charge paid directly to Trifecta/FitMeal. Ask your Champion Trainer for more details and how to sign up.

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