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Your Workout, Your Way


One of the things that we’re most proud of at 9Round is the fact that our workout makes exercise accessible for so. many. people. Different ages, fitness levels, medical history, past injuries – we’ve got something for you. Everybody, and every body, is different. We have the ability to customize each and every workout, based on the client’s specific needs, here’s how:


Trainer included for EVERY workout
The repetitions, weights used, and effectiveness of movements will vary wildly over time as your fitness level improves. Your 9Round trainer will modify your workout to accommodate your changing fitness needs. 

If you have difficulty executing certain moves, or you have an injury to work around, a 9Round trainer can give you an alternate, equally effective, exercise to perform. An injury can derail a workout program, both mentally and physically. Our trainers will help you perform exercises properly so that you won’t injure yourself. And, if you’ve experienced injury in the past, a trainer will push you harder than you will push yourself, but keep you from rushing ahead too quickly at the risk of re-injuring yourself.


Heart rate technology elevates your workout
By having specific, modifiable feedback during your workouts, you can hit that sweet spot of efficient training. If you train too lightly, you’re not getting the max benefits; train too hard, and you risk injuries and making less progress toward weight-loss and fitness goals. Rather than simply guessing about what kind of intensity is going to be best for a fat burning, cardiovascular, or fitness-boosting effect, you can instead have your physical activity guided with laser precision by simply knowing which heart rates are perfect for your specific goals and training at those specific heart rates.

9Round uses the 9Round PULSE heart rate monitor to guide you through every workout based on heart rate zones. Upon registering a PULSE device and inputting personal information, your estimated maximum heart rate (MHR) is calculated for you, and your optimum training zones are determined. The PULSE then broadcasts your stats for the duration of your workout on a giant screen in the gym. Using color-coded zones, you can easily determine whether you need to work harder or ease up in order to train in your optimal zone (green & yellow, as it relates to the 9Round PULSE system) and get the best results from your workout.



If you haven’t tried a 9Round workout for yourself, see what you’ve been missing by clicking the button below and getting your first workout FREE! Whatever your fitness level, nagging injuries, or specific goals are – we can help make you stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally.