What to Ask the Executive Team of Any Franchise Brand

You’ve been researching different franchise brands for your potential new business, and now, you’ve narrowed down your list to just your top choices. That means it’s time to start setting up calls and meetings with each of the franchisors to meet their Executive team and to dig deeper into their specific franchise opportunity.

When meeting with Executive team members at a potential franchisor, it’s important to ask the right questions to help you gain a better understanding of the brand and what to expect during your onboarding process. Here is a quick list of questions you can refer to as you’re working through which franchise brand is right for you.

Questions About Site Selection and Buildout

  • “Do you help with franchise site selection?”
  • “How do you determine if a location is right for business?”
  • “What is my protected territory and how is it defined?”
  • “Are there any required or suggested vendors for purchasing initial franchise equipment and products?”
  • “Must the franchisee purchase products or services from the franchisor, or can they shop around for the best deal?”

Franchisee Training and Onboarding Questions

  • “What type of training is offered for new franchisees? What is required and what are the costs associated with training?”
  • “Does the franchisor provide hands-on assistance with pre-opening and grand opening?”
  • “Is there a field team? How often does field staff visit a franchise location?”
  • “What type of assistance is provided by the field team?”

Questions About Leadership

  • “Is there a Franchise Advisory Council?”
  • “What kind of franchisee supervision or quality control is there?”
  • “Are you monitoring competitors in this space? How do you plan to address them based on your market research?”
  • “How are you attempting to differentiate yourself in the franchise marketplace?”

Questions About the Direction of the Brand

  • “Are there any new products or services under consideration for franchisees?”
  • “What kinds of changes to marketing, operations, etc., are there on the horizon?”
  • “Where do you see the brand in 5/10 years?”
  • “What new initiatives have you introduced to the system over the last year?”

Operations Questions

  • “What type of training do you provide for learning business operations?”
  • “What kind of business management systems are provided to boost sales and profits?”
  • “Does the franchisor provide training materials for training new staff?”
  • “What restrictions are there for business operations?”

Questions for Marketing and Advertising

  • “What type of consumer research has the company conducted?”
  • “What percentage of sales is recommended or required for advertising or marketing?”
  • “What type of consumer advertising does the company recommend?”
  • “Are there required or suggested marketing platforms for franchisees?”
  • “How do franchisees obtain their sales leads or customers?”
  • “What is the franchisor's national/regional advertising program and budget?”
  • “What are the primary advertising/marketing vehicles?”
  • “What type of marketing support is provided on a regular basis for franchisees?”

Questions About Ongoing Support

  • “How do you collect and distribute best practices to your franchise system?”
  • “Is there a dedicated franchise support team? Where do I go when I have questions about operations, sales, or marketing?”
  • “Who would I be working with for ongoing support and what is their background?”
  • “How many locations does each franchise consultant work?”
  • “What is HQ doing to enhance franchisee support?”

Legal Questions for Franchisors

  • “Who owns the trademarks, service marks, etc., and are they federally registered?”
  • “What are my contractual obligations as a franchisee?”
  • “What happens when I want to retire or sell my business?”

We hope these questions can help you uncover the answers you need to choose the right franchise brand for your business. If you’re interested in working with a brand that promotes health and fitness, 9Round Franchising is a great option! We offer an affordable and scalable business model built around an impactful mission: to help others grow stronger in 30 minutes, physically and mentally. To learn more about our franchise opportunity, fill out this interest form and a representative will reach out to you.